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Our Competitive Advantage

Specialized in manufacturing of prototype since 2002.
20 people have 15 years of prototype service experience.

60 professional and technical staff.

200 skilled workers are trained by the American CTO, are all versed in fuel injection, laser carving, electroplating.

5. 45 CNC machines, Imported from Japan.

7000 square meters of new plant with fully facility to produce good prototype.

Innovative mixing process, make sure the precision results is between 0.01mm~0.1mm.
3 ways to protect your intellectual property:
Use Privacy Software to encrypt your drawing.
Sign Confidentiality agreement to every employee.
Access Control System to ensure that no outsiders enter the factory.

Prototype Case
  • Handheld Card Reader Case Rapid Prototype

  • Audio Shell Prototype

  • ABS headlights Prototype Domestic automobile manufacturing busienss is under growing pressure, the vehicle development has become increasingly important, and the product test is an important key of the automotive R&D. The Prototype also proofing the technology as an important too

  • Big-size Medical Equipment Prototype Generally speaking, large-sized Medical Machine Prototype always costs expensive charge to be made, it is not cost-effective to make tooling if you don't plan to proceed WITH mass production. if you need ONLY one or two Medical Machines for DEMO or displa

  • Rubber Keypress Prototype Rubber is formed by Injection Modeling of Plastic. many people called them "RUBBER" as it fell soft under the normal temperature and no need to be vulcanized. In general plastic industry, The low proportion with low hardness materials called "Rubber". The

  • Sewing machine prototype Do you ever questioned that whether your design is ideal or applicable when you finish the drawing on the paper?  Or, you might feel nothing to show in the product review, exhibition, or for an invitation to bid?  Or, you worry about the quality of moulds

company profile

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Limited was founded in 2002, New Factory was transfered since Dec. 2014 where located  conveniently in Phoenix First Industrial Zone, No.201 XingYe 2 Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City. (right behind Phoenix gas station) , 7000 square meters of New plant with fully facility to produce good products.  This area is nearby Nation way of 107 and close to the new Shenzhen Airport by less than 10 KM distance.

Company News

Birthday Party Held by Tuowei Model


We will hold 1 birthday party for our staffs half a year. This is the birthday party for whose birthday is from January to May.

Tuowei Introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and Pointed Micrometer Caliper Inspection Equipment


Recently, Tuowei introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and pointed micrometer caliper device, use of these tools can effectively control the quality of the source from the production process, and provide a wide range of intuitive data to production department.

Austria customer: The enterprise culture of Tuowei Model is so good


Since 2012, Tuowei Model has a regular early meeting and afternoon meeting for each workday. We will dance, share something new and play games to create a good working atmosphere

Tuowei Prototype Service


Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. We provide the main structural 3d modeling service for the project,which include rapid prototyping, small batch production, industrial product design services.The main machining methods incl

Funny sport games held by Tuowei Prototype


eah, today we are talking about the funny sport games which was held in our factory last Saturday.All of the staff have joined in this game.We have played many kinds of games, such as 400 meter relay

Tuowei to be the listed company of Four New Board


In 2012, in order to promote the development of SMEs . Chinese government allow the Four New Board listed companies to re-establish the central regional equity market test, and promote the research in CST OTC exchanges outside the capital market.

Prototyping for Yamamoto, Korea


Some time ago, Mr Jay, a manager of a Korea company named Yamamoto, found Tuowei by international Alibaba and inquired whether we could make golf clubs prototype. Our Director of International Sales Department told him that we have been making prototype f

Prototyping for Dr. Rudi, Jordan


Dr. Rudi, a senior designer from Jordan , has worked in Shen Zhen for five years. Two years ago, he found us through International Alibaba, and required us to make a reduced scale prototype according his 3d drawing. The prototype was based on a three-whee

Industry News

POM/Acetal Rapid Prototype


POM/Acetal material in black and white, its density is 1.42, long-term temperature of 100 degrees, generally used between -40 degrees to 100 degrees.

Aluminum Wheel Hubs Auto Parts of CNC Machining


Many automakers are today need CNC machined wheel to ever-tighter tolerances for road test. To accomplish this, we are taking responsibility for delivering more than turned blanks.

CNC Machining Aluminum Prototype with Anodize Finished


CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process, where raw material is removed with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS Printing Service)


Theoretically anything which can be digitally visualized can be printed. The only limitation at present is the restriction on size and material which can be applied for 3D printing

CNC Lathe Turning Stainless Steel Prototype Manufacturer


Turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, describes a helix tool path by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates.

The Comparison of SLA and SLS Printing Technology


3D printing service includes SLA and SLS method. Although the principle of the two kinds of processing roughly the same, but they apply different materials.

SLA 3D Printer of Works of Art


There a one of 3d printing prototype of art work, it’s ideally suitable for complicated structure, high precision and multi - products. The beautiful results will make you wonder what’s tangible and what’s digital.

3D Printing Metal Parts


3D printing used Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) technology to produce high-quality, metal prototypes and functional, end-use parts.

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