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Birthday Party Held by Tuowei Model
We will hold 1 birthday party for our staffs half a year. This is the birthday party for whose birthday is from January to May.
2017-06-05 more
Tuowei Introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and Pointed Micrometer Caliper Inspection Equipment
Recently, Tuowei introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and pointed micrometer caliper device, use of these tools can effectively control the quality of the source from the production process, and provide a wide range of intuitive data to production department.
2017-02-25 more
Austria customer: The enterprise culture of Tuowei Model is so good
Since 2012, Tuowei Model has a regular early meeting and afternoon meeting for each workday. We will dance, share something new and play games to create a good working atmosphere
2017-02-24 more
Tuowei Prototype Service
Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. We provide the main structural 3d modeling service for the project,which include rapid prototyping, small batch production, industrial product design services.The main machining methods incl
2016-12-26 more
Funny sport games held by Tuowei Prototype
eah, today we are talking about the funny sport games which was held in our factory last Saturday.All of the staff have joined in this game.We have played many kinds of games, such as 400 meter relay
2016-12-19 more
Tuowei to be the listed company of Four New Board
In 2012, in order to promote the development of SMEs . Chinese government allow the Four New Board listed companies to re-establish the central regional equity market test, and promote the research in CST OTC exchanges outside the capital market.
2016-06-30 more
Prototyping for Yamamoto, Korea
Some time ago, Mr Jay, a manager of a Korea company named Yamamoto, found Tuowei by international Alibaba and inquired whether we could make golf clubs prototype. Our Director of International Sales Department told him that we have been making prototype f
2015-09-30 more
Prototyping for Dr. Rudi, Jordan
Dr. Rudi, a senior designer from Jordan , has worked in Shen Zhen for five years. Two years ago, he found us through International Alibaba, and required us to make a reduced scale prototype according his 3d drawing. The prototype was based on a three-whee
2015-09-30 more
Prototyping for LH Labs, Amercia
In the late July, Diana who was working for an American company, LH Labs, found Tuowei via international Alibaba and asked whether we could make high quality loudspeaker prototype. Because their prototypes is up for sale directly in the American market so
2015-09-28 more
Prototyping making for DAVAD, Mexico
Some time ago, Mr ARNOLDI from Mexico DAVAD company found our company via international Alibaba. After a short chat, Mr ARNOLDI decided to ask his friend in Shenzhen to observe our company first. If we could reach his requirement, he would visit our compa
2015-09-24 more
Prototype making for Sunrise from Isreal
Mr. Haim found us thru Alibaba since 3 years ago, and satisfied with our past performance among price, delivery and service. he visited us for the further cooperation and wish to go for more new project with us including Medical equipment and Automotive f
2015-07-02 more
Prototype making for IFFPER SPA, Germany
Prototype is made according to the original design/drawing, in order to double check if the new design is correct or not. it is actually not a product but it can help to find out where the problem is. Prototype can always help to find out the problem of t
2015-07-02 more
Prototype making for ACIC, Korea
We never imagine that we can get a client from Korea, but after we paid our effort to the internet operation, Korean client can easily found us and close a deal.    On Feb.2015, ACIC from Korea visited us and asked if we can make Aluminum Prototype.
2015-07-02 more
Prototype Client from USA
The GSI Outdoor Inc. visited our company on Mar.06.2015. the whole story is,Few days ago, the trading company of GIS found us and ask help that they have a US client need to do the factory survey but they dont have factory to prove.even they feel neveres,
2015-07-02 more
David- Prototype client from Canada
Mr. David Spencer visited us on Mar.27.2015. the only purpose is to add some extra item to the prototype we made for him. he is our old client and we did a kind of special skater mode for him, but he feel that the prototype wasn't perfect enough from hi
2015-06-30 more
Prototype client from Nikon, Japan
    Everyone must know NIKON clearly as they are well-known camera brand name. they are strong not only in SLR Camera but also Optical Telescope, they are the biggest Optial maker in the world and famous camera maker from Japan since 1917 with a company n
2015-06-30 more
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