Professional Team

Our production team consists of 7 departments, which include CNC programming, CNC Machining Center, Material Stock, Surface Finish Department (A and B), Painting Room, QC Checking and Project Follow-up Department. Every department can cooperate with each other for every project. We have 20 hand craftsmen who have more than 10 year's working experience.

One Stop Service

We provide Design-Prototype-Injection mould one stop service which can save our clients too much time to find new suppliers and discuss all the details.

Relative Case

Confidential Software

Our company paid a big investment to installed an very advanced DATA SECURITY SYSTEM to protect all the data from our valued client. Every files can't be disclosured when anyone  copy from all of our PC unless they got the password from our CEO. All of our clients feel very comfortable and trust that SZ Tuowei is reliable partner.

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