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Tuowei to Be The Listed Company of Four New Board
In 2012, in order to promote the development of SMEs . Chinese government allow the Four New Board listed companies to re-establish the central regional equity market test, and promote the research in CST OTC exchanges outside the capital market. 

What is the The Four New Board listed companies?  
They have a good future, technical,great potential,..etc but lack enough fund to limit develop stronger. 

To be the four new board listed company, they might have chance to collect the investment from public, then, the company owner can get his money back to his pocket but use money from outside. It will helps the company grow faster and promotes China's economic development.

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd, The first Prototype company of New Four Board just approved and listed in Shenzhen, the listed in the New Four Board code, 667950 We established at  2002 years, after 14 years.we collected CNC Plastic Machining,  CNC high precise metal machining , Plastic injection moulding,Reaction injection molding, Vacuum casting together.we provide one stop shop service, it will save the clients much time to find supplier and communicate with many person, in the meantime, it will reduce the problems and costs due to communication problems.

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