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Austria customer: The enterprise culture of Tuowei Model is so good


Since 2012, Tuowei Model has a regular early meeting and afternoon meeting for each workday. We will dance,share something new and play games to create a good working atmosphere.

There will be two parts in the afternoon meeting. The first part is massage. It could make our staff relax as they need to sit in front of the computer for 8 hours per one day.

The second part is to play some funny games. The game we were playing today is table tennis. Firstly, the host  separated all the members into 2 teams.

Austria customer Rainer Gruber was invited to join in our team and all members give him a big hand.He played better than our staff and the versus was really brilliant.

After the event, Rainer Gruber gives a fully praise for our energetic employees, and would like to apply this culture to their companies.

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