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Tuowei Introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and Pointed Micrometer Caliper Inspection Equipment


When the rapid prototype finished we can’t arrange to ship them out immediately. They must be checked through QC department as per clients’ drawings.

Caliper and micrometer inspection equipment are often used when QC department test the rapid prototype. Just a few competitive prototype manufacturer will use Mitutoyo Caliper inspection equipment to test prototype.Japan’s Mitutoyo caliper is a tool to check length, inner and outer diameter and depth. Mitutoyo caliper reading is very accurate. The minimum can reach 0.005mm. As we all know the accuracy of prototype is almost +-0.05 ~ 0.1mm, so the use of Mitutoyo caliper measurements is quite accurate.


pointed micrometer caliper

Japan's Mitutoyo

Recently, Tuowei introduced Japan's Mitutoyo and pointed micrometer caliper device, use of these tools can effectively control the quality of the source from the production process, and provide a wide range of intuitive data to production department.For customers, it will make them feel that Tuowei Model is a reliable prototype 

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