Custom Rapid Prototyping Services and Manufacturing

At Tuowei Prototype, we are dedicated to provide you the best custom rapid prototyping services and manufacturing in the world. We are a professional one stop manufacturer for all prototyping, with low-volume production, precise rapid manufacturing technology and 3D metal printing services.


With more than ten years of rich success experience, we are one of the premier rapid prototype CNC Machining factory in the world. If you have customization requirements, welcome to contact us and looking forward to cooperating with you.

Prototype Manufacturing Video Center

In Tuowei PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURING VIDEO CENTER, you can know more about our factory and our professional manufacturing information of the prototype products directly via watching the well-crafted videos we have showed you in the website. Such as, Tuowei Prototype CNC Milling Process video, Tuowei Prototype CNC Machining Center video, etc. That will tell you Tuowei is a technical enterprise who specializes in CNC hand model and industrial design. We have wide-range service types, which includes CNC Plastic, CNC Metal, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Small Batch and Sheet Metal.

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