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Tuowei Aluminum Alloy Prototype

Aluminum alloy is widely used in the industry. It is low in density, high in strength, excellent in elasticity, processability and welding characteristics. It also features good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and deformation after manufacturing.

Aluminum alloy molding can help discover potential flaws early in the product development stage, saving money in the long-run and minimizing production times. Aluminum alloy rapid prototype helps generate accurate product test data.

Tuowei provides professional services of rapid aluminum prototyping. Before making the aluminum alloy prototypes, Aluminum Alloy Rapid Prototype, we will take into account the purpose, geometry, alloy, desired quality, and finish. Tolerance is strictly controlled at ±0.01MM. Innovative prototypes are available and we have professional CNC operators to provide the premium aluminum prototype parts that exactly meet the requirements of our customers. For second-to-none aluminum prototype parts, look no further than Tuowei Prototype as our rapid aluminum prototype is widely recognized in the market.

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