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3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing process that builds a part layer by layer. A computer sends instructions to the 3D printer, which deposits or hardens the material in a preprogrammed pattern, creating layers in succession. Tuowei Prototype provides several different types of custom 3D printing services. For rapid prototypes and low-volume production, we offer SLA and SLS rapid prototyping services as an additional option to 3D metal printing. Object, SLA rapid prototyping, SLS rapid prototyping, and FDM - all processes require file formats to be .stl. Prototypes made using these 3D printing services can be used for engineering testing or as master models for polyurethane vacuum casting molds.

If you are in need of custom 3D printing services, SLA/SLS printing process is the right fit for you, you can set up a consultation and planning phase with our team of additive manufacturing experts.

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