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Color Matching

At Tuowei Prototype we understand very well that the color of your finished product can be as important as its function. We offer extensive color matching services using standardized lighting conditions. We've recently invested in Pantone® plastics opaque selector chips to help clients better visualize the finished look of molded plastic parts.


In the past, customers would specify Pantone® colors using a system of colored inks printed on white card stock. These colors are notoriously difficult to match with molded plastic parts because the color can vary greatly dependent on part geometry, type, and thickness of the molded plastic. When exact Pantone® matches are not available, we strongly recommend providing a physical sample for our painting professionals to use in creating custom colors.


PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC.  PANTONE color identification is solely for artistic purposes and not intended to be used for specification.

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