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                             Good feedback with client for making aluminum rapid prototype with high tolerance +/-0.05 mm

We are specialized in making metal and plastic rapid prototype in Shenzhen

Metal prototype by cnc machining
Aluminum machines parts

The model made of aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of high strength, good economic benefit and beautiful appearance. In general, the bracket shell is made of aluminum alloy material, not only the processing cost is low, but also from the appearance of high-end atmosphere, the exhibition can attract the attention of customers, so as to obtain orders
This is an aluminum alloy bracket shell hand plate made by Tuowei model for the customer. Before this, the customer has also looked for other hand plate factories to make, but the result is not very ideal. Due to 16 years of experience in hand plate making and the precision of equipment used,Tuowei model can make exquisite rapid prototype. This bracket mockup is CNC processing, the surface treatment used only natural oxidation, the following with you to introduce in detail.


CNC machining: the cutter on the CNC equipment moves on the material according to the path set by the program, removing the excess part on the material, thus obtaining

Tuowei prototype
The Client picture in Tuowei

Aluminum 6061 sample 

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