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Plastic Injection Molding

The plastic injection molding at Tuowei is a standard rapid prototyping process for making injection molding products, such as consumer electronics & home appliances, toys & sports equipment, medical & military devices, automotive & aerospace parts. If you are looking for plastic injection molding companies, Tuowei is the best custom plastic mold supplier and injection molding manufacturer that you should choose. It is achieved in our production center which is equipped with plastic injection molding machines for high volume runs and 3-axis CNC machines for cutting hard metals. A wide injection moulding materials selection of engineering plastics in a variety of solid and tinted colors is available, such as ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, PET, PP, and PE. 

Injection molding process steps that take a shorter production period

Only 3D data of the part to be made is needed for Tuowei engineers to quickly produce the prototype for copying and rapid prototyping. Then the engineers would spend just a few days making the mold for the required product, and then use the mold to cast the plastic products. The plastic injection molding process reduces 90% of the production cycle compared with the traditional steel mold injection molding which takes 30-90 days.


A variety of injection moulding materials for selection

Tuowei technical engineers would offer alternatives to help you finish the project. In fact, we can provide varied two-component PU for plastic injection molding. All materials we use for injection are from Japan-based HEI-CAST and PELNOX and France-based AXSON. They have physical performance similar to that of common engineering plastics namely ABS, PP, PA, and POM, rubber-like elastomer materials (40-90℃), and transparent materials like PC and PMMA. In addition, Tuowei has special materials that are tolerant to 150℃ high temperature and has fire-proof materials that are up to UL94-Vo grade.


Injection moulding advantages

Plastic injection molding provides stable size precision. Tuowei always makes sure that the materials used for plastic injection molding have excellent simulation, chemical stability, and extremely low shrinkage. All this would enable the materials to show the subtle features of the prototype well and to ensure the size precision of the workpiece. Additionally, Tuowei has a complete standard production process to guarantee size accuracy and mechanical performance. We carefully control every parameter in each production step, including dosing, defoaming, stirring, preheating, pouring, and curing. We are confident to control the accuracy: ±0.15mm/100mm for standard and ±0.05mm for premium.

Plastic mold, Injection Molding Products --Coffee Machine

Complicated techniques for part trial-manufacturing

Tuowei technicians have made every effort to develop new techniques for plastic injection molding. In the past a few years, we have successfully developed several new-type molding technologies and injection processes for complicated part trial-manufacturing, for which we have won praise from customers. For example,

  1. ∴ Secondary casting: It is a multi-materials injection technology, allowing two or more materials of different specialties to be used in one object. It is available for a hand-held device of which the surface is coated and the appearance is double-colored OR an electronic device that is anti-shock and water-proof.  
  2. ∴ Outsert molding: It works like in-mold assembling. We put the processed metal parts, stamping parts, or brass stud into the mold and inject PU material. This is aimed at satisfying customers who have requirements for use function and mechanical strength.
  3. ∴ Investment casting: For the manufacturing of thin-wall pipe parts such as corrugated hose and car cooling air hose.

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