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One day of Customer reception experience for making aluminum prototype

Today we have received a scanner's American clients inquiry, at first he need us to offer 5 sets of prices, thinking at that time, the customer should be more mature steady, is very potential, so immediately make a very professional quotation for the client and a set of with five sets of the corresponding price and delivery date are listed to the customer.


Before sending the quotation,we provided the customer with Suggestions and recommended materials. Since the customer was not very clear about the process, we have been guiding the customer and the customer trusts us. After the quotation, the customer said that our quotation is very fast and professional and willing to give us a trial order, so the smooth transaction of this customer, real gratified!


The second week, after the customer made the pallet, they thought our quality was good and the surface technology was good. They said they would include us in their supplier system in the future. This is really good news for us!


After 2 months ago,the client come to visit our company and then we pick him up to our company and after arrived here,we take him show around our workshop and our show room,we introduce our mainly products of medical and robot prototype to him.He was very surprise with our technology and surface finish.we we have 55 lath cnc machine and 2 laths 5 axis machine and brother machine.


Meanwhile,after finish the visit, My client Yazan say our worker are very outgoing and

Sunny and passionate,he feels very relax there. We are pleased with this assessment and very thanks for his assessment.

Finally, to sum up, we should serve the clients attentively and actively and timely.
Giving always pays off!

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