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10 3D-printed homes built in 24 hours – and

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Rome may not have been built in a single day, but a Chinese company keeps repeating this.

China Yingchuang New materials produced 10 3D-

Print the house using a custom printer within 24 hours, combining construction waste with cement layers. The cost-

The effective process has lasted 20 million yuan for 12 years (£2million)to develop.

The buildings will be used as offices for the company, but Ma Yihe, president of the company, plans to extend the technology to the sky.

His ultimate goal is to produce skyscrapers entirely using 3D printing technology.

One problem at the moment is that the technology does not allow the company to print the roof.

The company claims that this developing construction method will be more eco-friendly than the traditional construction method, as their goal is to print the building only with industrial waste and demolished buildings.

10 3D-printed homes built in 24 hours – and their creators want to print skyscrapers

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