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10 amazing bits of K-pop merchandise you can buy in SM Town

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

During my most recent trip to Seoul, I visited as many dedicated K-

Pop fan has done it before.

Storey SM Town is an exhibition space and an endless gift shop for SM Entertainment, groups including Girls' Generation, EXO, Super Junior, red velvet and NCT are all K-

The most popular performance of pop music

You can't miss town SM.

The largest LED screen in Korea, with an amazing size of 1620 m², is wrapped in the front, and as you walk inside, you will hear songs from SM's artists through club quality speakers.

It is difficult not to pop up some movements on the escalator.

There are glass cabinets full of costumes and trophies, and there is also an interactive area, but the gift shop area (

Yes, more than one)

Is the purpose of action.

You can forget your basic t-

Shirt and poster combo-this is SM planet and we all live on it, so take a quick look at some of the popular items you never knew you needed.

Whether it's getting the first place at the weekly TV festival gala or at the year-end awards, there are a lot of SM artists.

Now, when you practice a tearful acceptance speech in the mirror, you can also have a clutch, though I'm worried, the only way to bring a big trophy home is to put it on your lap like a baby on the plane.

Why do boys have brain damage and girls get pretty, NCT looks like they need to eat more than disappointing gender stereotypes because they don't get a lot of school at the table with their heads.

These are really 'real nuts' if you want to know, but make me neither smart nor good looking.

I 've never thought of linking the legendary Super Junior combo with chocolate balls, but the idea of this item could also be a surprise for them.

The lack of faces on the package is also quite disturbing, but the moral of the story here is not to judge a book with the cover, because these things are delicious.

I have a legitimate interest in ordering a VAT chocolate ball shipped to the UK.

We're talking about cute cartoon stamps.

NCT members!

These are all in the vending machine, so don't choose your favorite member unless you are willing to stand there for hours and ask to trade with people.

This machine spit Haechan in my hand and I was looking forward to using it until I realized that I hadn't written anything of value on a piece of paper for about a decade.

'Hey, I got some dinner ready . . . . . . ’.

'Great, what do we have' steak with vegetables on beautiful TVXQ plates, then we have coffee, I have Yunhe Cup, you can have Changming steak, please be very careful with them . . . . . . 'I'm leaving you, dear.

'To prove the size of SHINee's Minho badge, I had to keep it, which is roughly the equivalent of a face. Common-

Sense will let you pin it to a canvas tote bag, but someone wants to buy a few and wear it on my chest like armor.

Everything in SM Town is size, big is beautiful, so if you want something traditional like a poster, you have to fight with something like a wallpaper.

He may be kneeling in the picture, but EXO's Sehun is 1.

83 m. This is also the size of this thing. Impressive.

Oh wow, vinyl version of NCT Dream album!

No, this is a drink cup mat that fits the palm of your hand.

You know what I said because the town of SM is so big it's a lie.

It's like Alice in Wonderland-one minute, everything is huge, the next minute, everything is instructive and precious. I’m confused.

Things have become strange at this stage.

The music was very loud and the lights were very bright and in my hands it was something I never imagined needed, let alone bought.

When I see the 3D printing service, of course, you can turn your bias into a doll of 8 inch.

One part of me is curious, and the other part is trying to step back slowly as all these little stars have their eyes fixed on the distance outside of their glass box.

How do people deal with these tea parties? I have a TVXQ plate that you can borrow . . . . . . .

This EXO energy drink feels light after more than an hour in SM Town --

Headed, there is a tendency to buy a few cans.

It's pink outside and pink inside.

I didn't look at the ingredients, but, since it's EXO, let's assume that it's made up of extra shots of the ass, body roll, sass, savage, and chogiwa.

I bought a cup of coffee.

10 amazing bits of K-pop merchandise you can buy in SM Town

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