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10 Technical Trends in Education: New Pedagogical

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Wearable devices

For example, a 'smart watch' or Google Glass --

From the perspective of educational applications, this looks promising.

Teachers carry out activities based on activities

Thanks to augmented reality technology, based on learning that will attract smart watch features such as pulse, pressure and speed measurement, and Google Glass, will help to visually combine 'virtual' knowledge with the real world, increase interest in learning. 2.

Carry your equipment with you (BYOD -

Bring your own equipment).

Given the popularity of smartphones and tablets among schoolchildren, it is now natural to bring a gadget to school like a pen and laptop.

According to this study, employees with modern equipment at home are expected to receive no less than modern technical support and workplace support.

The same is true for schoolchildren: if the school is unable to provide students with equipment in their home, they will carry small tools with them.

Does it make sense to ban this, or can it be used for commodity 3.

Mobile Training.

According to IBM, the mobile device market is expected to be 3 by the end of 2015.

User 4 billion (

This is every second on Earth. .

As for the education section, in terms of the number of downloads of iTunes, mobile applications with educational content currently occupy second place.

This means that first, users really want to acquire knowledge, second,

They decide when and where to learn from them.

This trend can greatly change the traditional 'localized' school education.

Online interaction in the classroom 4.

Cloud technology.

More and more schools in the world use 'cloud' tools such as Google Classroom, Moodle, blackboard.

Both teachers and students can access educational resources anywhere and at any convenient time. 5.

Starting from where photos and status are posted, social networks have long been working tools for information exchange and remote interaction.

They gradually master and school. 6.

Open and transparent.

Electronic journals and diaries

Learning tools and online courses not only allow more participants in the educational process to continuously access information, but also allow for personalized (

Adapt to their educational needs)

The learning process itself.

Although educational space is becoming more and more 'digital', it still has more complex actions in 'offline' than operating a touch screen. 7.

3D printing technology can be a missing link to visually combine digital information with real objects you can touch with your hands.

According to analysts, in 4-

In five years, 3D printers will be widely used in education.

Some schools now use engineering and laboratory technologies and equipment, such as littleBits and EdTechTitans or LET and Indigos.

Teaching technology to realize students' personalized education needs.

Mixed training is nothing new, but it is still not used in all schools.

Nevertheless, the technology proves its effectiveness in personalized learning and improving student independence.

Due to the transfer of the 'regular' section to the electronic format, teachers have more time to organize the production, research and creative activities of students. 9.

Distance learning has long been known and popular in the business environment and higher education stage, but the wide use of distance learning technology and the active expansion of e-commerce

In the past few years, it has become obvious to enter the school.

Online courses, simulators, tools for creating and publishing, LMS-

Systems that provide not only educational content, but also the means to organize educational processes with a variety of special tools are increasingly in demand. 10. Gamefication (

Active learning activities with game elements)

Students are allowed to remember 90% of the information received.

Experts predict that this technology will be in the next 2-3 years.

We have changed our daily lives and business processes.

As we learn about the release of a new gadget, we can easily drop the less perfect solution and move to the new one in a day or two.

Schools should be more critical in choosing new equipment and technologies, conducting research and recognition.

Understand all the opportunities offered by technology companies

In the world, schools and teachers are looking for something that really changes the quality of the educational process, which will not only modernize the educational process.

However, it is clear that the general education system is indispensable without technological and technological innovation.

The restaurant POS system can change the way employees handle their daily affairs.

Not only can they work like standard cash registers, they can keep stock, track purchasing trends, and even act as clocks

For your employees in the system.

One of the most popular and exciting technologies in the field of computer storage today is M. 2 drives.

There is no need for large space for your unit because M.

No data and power cabling is required for 2 drives. In fact, M.

2 it will hardly take up much space in your system unit.

Drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems, are becoming more and more popular these days.

With the development of technology, the function of unmanned aerial vehicles is becoming more and more powerful. High-

Electric drones with powerful cameras are on the rise today.

Today, as the whole world finally goes digital, regardless of size and size, this is the best time for your business to develop payment mechanisms.

Having your customers pay by credit card is an easy way to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

Maybe you're curious about how the sensors work.

How important it is in so many things.

How helpful sensors are in our lives.

Today when technology becomes people's best friend, Bluetooth wireless earbuds are the best and most comfortable choice to use in daily life.

Your headphones will die sooner or later.

After all, we're talking about a precision device with lots of wires inside.

These internal components are pushed over time and lose productivity.

Of course, you can postpone it, but you can't stop it.

If you want good things to wear on your wrist in the market, your two main options are smartwatch and fitness tracker.

The question is-which light should you choose, also known as the light --

LEDs are becoming more and more popular.

This is because these lights provide several advantages.

It is very different from the traditional lighting, because the bulb uses semiconductor light.

10 Technical Trends in Education: New Pedagogical Technologies and Electronic Teaching Tools

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