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101 Useful, Practical, Functional 3d Prints!

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

This is a compilation of 101 useful things that can be printed in 3D!

Disclosure/disclaimer: I have not designed any of these models and have not taken credit for them, I have searched for a long time (over 8 hours! )

Downloaded these pictures from the internet

I think this is acceptable as most of the compilation of 3d printing on the Web is small and not useful.

Note: I didn't print the files for any of the following objects, just to give you an idea of the usefulness of the 3D printer.

However, all images are downloaded from the internet and you may find the file to download if you want to search.

No more trouble to get the last point out!

Gears can be customized for any project.

Protect your child from kitchen knives or add a belt ring to carry your favorite blade with you.

If you have never tried one of them before, it will make oranges less troublesome.

For any use you may have, or even replace something you have lost from your knife.

Well, it's useful and fully customizable!

I don't know what size it uses, but it can probably use any size.

Prevent overheating during long-term use.

It's always good.

Disposable straws around

Don't take the time to fiddle with your broken zipper anymore!

They will match perfectly with your fishing reels.

Cautious advice from the audience: kill those nasty bugs!

There is no longer an unfair advantage due to the lack of chess pieces. It's so pretty. . .

Open the door all the way, which will grab the handle and keep it open for their own use.

For those little nails you use to hang things.

Put it together and run some wires and all your equipment.

There is always a suitable location.

Make replacement parts for any broken things you may have.

Super specific size, 3-

quart 58? Done.

Need a drill bit in a triangle, hexagon, square, or any other shape? Just print one.

This is 101 useful and practical things for 3D printing.

Thank you for watching, God bless!

101 Useful, Practical, Functional 3d Prints!

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