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12 sectors that are ripe for a 3d-printing revolution

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
3D printing was considered a novelty a few years ago, mainly for small devices.
Batch projects and prototypes.
Today, the technology has exploded and is used for what we once dreamed of, including mass production of auto parts for manufacturers like Volkswagen.
While these emerging uses are impressive, the capabilities of 3D printing are far from being fully implemented.
The expert Forbes Technical Committee tracks the latest industry trends and has some insight into which industries 3D next may affect.
Below, 12 members share their forecast for the 3D technology mature industry
Printing Revolution. 1. Full-
Large-scale production of new materials (such as metal)
Faster 3D printer access to the market, it is possible to simplify many pre-andpost-
The most time automated production process-
Consuming tasks is an attractive benefit for many engineers and designers. -
Arnie Gordon of Arlyn Scales 2Local Small-
Mass production 3d printing allows for efficient, local, small
Mass production is currently mass-produced in quite a few places and shipped all kinds of parts and products around the world.
The biggest impact of this shift will be to reduce demand for offshore production in developing countries and to reduce demand for long-term production accordingly
Global shipping distance. -
Chris Grundemann, numerous supplies.
Before investing in resources to actually design and build products, prototype companies are now using 3D printing to prototype products and market tests very quickly.
This makes the company more agile in concept and business
Case phase of product development. -
Paul Heller, sopheon4Bio-
Everyone is unique.
Human parts cannot be produced in batches and require complex assembly.
3D printing has shown great prospects in the production of bones, joints and teeth.
The combination of 3D design and medicine will make way for amazing advances in biotechnologyengineering. -
Tom Roberto, the core technology solution.
Clothing and texture 3d printing appears in almost all industries that can benefit from value propositions.
Simply put: anything that can be made with a 3D printer can be made with a 3D printer.
I hope this is very real in fashion and clothing.
Fashion is unique and 3D printing gives individuals and small designers the opportunity to create the perfect fit in their own style. -
Andrew Thomas of SkyBell annies6.
With the growth and diversity of the global supply chain, coupled with the reduction in average failure time, home improvement in stores such as Home Depot, lowes and menard will find it increasingly difficult to store the materials needed to repair what they sell.
From plastic parts to specific Asian or European metal parts, this is a huge gap in the current market. -
Megi, Sudan, vitova 7.
Aerospace we see the development of 3D printing in various industries.
The industry that benefits most from 3D printing is Aerospace, where you have composite parts that are hard to make and expensive.
At any time, it can be 3D printed when this composite part is needed. -
Naresh Soni, tsunami arvr8.
Hardware that must carry a large number of fasteners, tools, bit/drive bits and various connector hardware can pass through quality-produced 3D-Print object.
I would like to see this technology appear in the local hardware store and have an extended print directoryon-demand items.
When you wait, the custom parts are printed out. -
Chris Kirby retired.
3d printing is really changing the way we work and live.
In my opinion, 3D printing and housing will get some expansion in the next few years.
With this technology, we will be able to build houses faster and cheaper.
How fast and how cheap?
I can see $10,000 per family in a day.
I think if we can advocate this industry, we will certainly see more families and fewer homeless people.
This could be a victory. win. -
Bay Raval, IDMERIT10.
Electronic thinking is aimed at the phones we need.
Assuming I\'m a heavy user, I don\'t mind a big phone.
I can order a bigger battery.
On the other hand, others may want all the features of a big phone, but do not want a big screen.
The 3D printer will eventually be able to adapt to this situation.
We haven\'t arrived yet. -
Well-printed, many
Material parts of mobile phone-
But we must have been on our way. -
Vikram Joshi, pulsd11.
Large-scale 3d printing of buildings is about to enter the construction industry and home construction industry.
Soon the contractor will be able to customize the print
The site has base piers of size and other concrete members, rather than transporting and assembling these extremely heavy and expensive components.
With 3D printing, \"raw materials\" can be transported as intensively as possible, which will reduce the cost of construction. -
Jason Gill, hoth12
Infrastructure in developing countries
Printing technology is changing the way we design and manufacture, but it also has the ability to change the way we influence other populations in developing countries and under-served areas.
3D printing is fast, which reduces labor costs and can make complex products;
Therefore, products such as water filters and small shelters are possible.
3D printing can be a lifesaver. -
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