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14 engineering colleges linked to NIT-T

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Since then, 14 accredited engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will be able to accelerate the quality of technical education and research with the guidance and support of the National Institute of TechnologyTiruchi (NIT-T)

According to the Margdarshan program of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD).

According to the 'hub and spoke' program implemented by the All-India Technical Education Commission, NIT-

T as the center will guide and disseminate knowledge through the development of teacher development programmes

Level workshops, guest lectures and other activities to improve teaching

The learning process of 14 institutions identified as 'spoke. The NIT-

T was approved by AICTE than30 lakh for implementing this project within three monthsyear duration.

The project is in NIT on Friday-

T. by holding a seminar on the implementation of the Margdarshan program (AICTE)

For student institutions. N.

Chief Coordinator of Sivakumaran, discerning personT and G.

Saravana Ilango, Co-

Coordinator, joined NIT-

T director Mini Shaji Thomas said when explaining the effectiveness of the unique program to the representative of the student institution.

The program will inspire students to come up with innovative ideas and programs.

It will expand their exposure to prototype development while improving educational standards and research capabilities.

The program will also develop horizontal thinking, communication skills and self-

Confidence of teachers and students

Said Thomas.

Director and journalist, Mr. Maruk MohammedA. M.

College of Engineering and technology;

Valavan, principal of the Institute of Engineering, Saranathan, Tiruchi;

Arputhavijayaselvi, principal, King of Thailand Institute of Engineering;

Sundarrajan of Namakkal Pavai Institute of Technology is one of the representative of the student institution.

Critical of this organization

This is a long-term achievement.

Time expectation, professor.

Mohammed said.

Other 'spy' institutions include the College of Engineering, University of Dindigul Anna;

Kumara Guru Institute of Technology;

Kang gu Institute of Engineering; .

National Institute of Engineering of Russia; K.

College of Engineering, Tiruchi Rama, Krishnan; Vel Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr.

Kentara Institute of Engineering, Chennai;

University of Technology and Science, Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh. St.

Engineering of the Catholic University of Xavier, Nagercoil; E. G. S.

School of Engineering, napatina Pilai; and K.

Ramakrishnan Institute of Technology, Tiruchi.

14 engineering colleges linked to NIT-T

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