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by:Tuowei     2019-08-27
It was a near-
The death experience of saving Penelope Heller\'s life.
In 2014, she was dropped from a 60-mile-per-hour jet ski plane.
She was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital.
She miraculously left without injury, but a CAT scan showed a lump in her chest.
\"We\'re going back to see the bone cancer doctor,\" says Heller . \".
\"He said, \'This is vicious. we need to take it out.
\"Her breastbone was removed and replaced by Gore-Tex-
Based on substitution. She was cancer-
But her battle of pain has just begun.
\"The chest should expand when inhaling, but my chest is collapsing.
So I can\'t really take a deep breath. \"Said Heller.
\"But after a year and a half, I was thinking, what\'s the problem,\" Heiler continued . \".
\"I have very severe pain on the left side of my upper back.
\"Even life-long love of yoga is hard for Heller.
In addition to medicine and insurance, there is no choice for pain relief, and it is not willing to pay for physical therapy for a long time. Hailer holds things in his own hands.
Through research, she found
Headquartered in equipment company anatomy and Port Jeffery, New York Presbyterian thoracic surgeon.
\"He and the anatomy were a little bit aggressive in their sessions and in their design process, and eventually became a really cool-looking prosthetic limb,\" says Heller . \".
Using the Arcam 3D printer and the CAT scan of the Heller rib, anatomy creates a custom rib for Heller. Dr.
Port removed the old prosthesis and implanted a new chest.
\"It\'s really unique because you can order something that fits someone\'s CAT scan --
Specifications and have it customized\"It\'s right,\" said Potter.
\"So you can see better health, better stability, better rigidity in patients, and ultimately better cosmetic effects.
A few months later
Operating, Hile is actually easier to breathe.
\"I can\'t feel my heart beating any more in my stomach,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t have pain as often as I did six months ago.
Really exciting.
\"Now with a new chest wall, Hile\'s life is starting again, and he\'s going to go to college for art, and possibly medicine.
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