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by:Tuowei     2019-08-27
Nelson Nigel hopes his new app will make the car service more like a childfriendly.
\"Children\'s motorbikes\" connect passengers with drivers of the federal government
Car seats for children.
\"There is a need for taxis that provide child safety seats in the market, which is an open market,\" said Nigel, founder and CEO . \".
Nigel\'s startup is one of about 10 companies in the new technology incubator at Queen\'s College.
On Thursday, officials held a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony for the site, which will be the workspace for some District entrepreneurs.
Ayanna Mays hopes to expand her tutoring company \"track stars\" by developing a mobile tutoring app \".
\"For those students and parents who may not be able to come to the counseling center, they may not be able to afford a personal tutoring,\" said Mez . \".
Small business owners can also use different resources, including 3d printers, organizers say.
\"I want to say that the next Uber or Facebook is coming out of Queens and that\'s really the ultimate goal and we really want to take advantage of the next tech bubble,\" mentha said, who is the general manager of the incubator?
The incubator will provide a good opportunity for students.
\"You can be a paid employee, you can be an intern, a class can have a project with a company that provides credits for your school, start a business, felix Matos rodeitz, dean of Queen\'s College, said.
Organizers say they still have about 70 more working spaces.
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