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by:Tuowei     2019-08-27
Eight states filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the Trump administration\'s decision to allow Texas companies to release downloadable 3D blueprints
Printing guns, with hardto-
For terrorists and criminals, tracking plastic weapons is a good thing and a threat to public safety.
A lawsuit filed in Seattle on Monday asked the judge to stop the federal government later.
In June, a settlement was reached with Defense Distributed, which enabled the company to provide these plans online.
Officials say 1,000 people have downloaded AR-15 rifles.
\"I have a question to ask the Trump administration: Why do you allow weapons to be readily accessible to dangerous criminals,\" Democrat Bob Ferguson, Washington attorney general, said in a statement on Monday.
\"These downloadable guns are not registered and even with metal detectors it is difficult to detect that anyone can use them regardless of age, mental health or criminal history.
\"There are Democratic attorneys general from the Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and Colombia who are involved in the lawsuit.
In addition, the attorney general of 21 states on Monday urged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Jeff seesens to withdraw from the settlement and distributed defense material saying it \"created an imminent threat to public safety
\"People can use blueprints to make plastic guns using 3D printers.
But experts in the gun industry are skeptical that criminals can make trouble, because the printers needed to make guns are very expensive, the guns themselves will soon break up, and traditional guns are easy to find.
Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distribution, first released a 3D downloadable design
Printing Guns in 2013.
It was downloaded about 100,000 times until the State Department ordered him to stop, claiming that it violated federal export laws because some blueprints were downloaded by people outside the United States.
The State Department changed the course at the end of June and agreed to allow Wilson to continue posting the blueprint.
The documents were released on Friday.
The company filed its own lawsuit in Texas on Sunday, claiming it was \"ideological --
Intimidation and harassment programs that violate the rights of the company\'s First Amendment.
Josh Blackman, a lawyer at the company, called it a \"simple case \".
\"States are free to put in place gun control measures, but\" what they can\'t do is review the remarks of another citizen in another state, Blackman said in an interview on Monday: \"When the federal government permits to authorize business, they cannot regulate the business of another citizen in another state. \".
\"This is against the First Amendment, which is unreasonable and we will fight for it.
\"After state officials traveled to the Philadelphia federal court on Sunday to seek an emergency order, the Defense Department agreed to temporarily prevent Penn residents from downloading the plans.
The company said it also blocked users in New Jersey and Los Angeles.
Lisa Marie Pané, The Associated Press writer, contributed to the story.
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