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by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
This is a classic toy, becoming a futuristic toy, a bit common sight at the North American International Toy Show 2015 with a new perspective
Master, launched in October for $30, the manufacturer worked with Google to develop 3D picture toys into a virtual reality viewer, according to Google DIY cardboard virtual reality viewer.
Insert the smart device into the new View-Master.
You launch an app and now you are immersed in a virtual reality world that you have never seen before.
You can explore new locations.
You can go into space.
\"You can get into the water,\" said mattel Doug s Doug Wadleigh.
These classic cartridges will exist as you place them on your desk to trigger the goal of augmented reality content.
However, most of the technology at the exhibition site uses cutting
Leading the frontier innovation of the futureEdge innovators.
$100 puzzle game kit launched in September will provide hands-on operations
Computer programming class.
I put my little puzzles here and I will put them in the play tray.
It will wirelessly transmit this information to the game.
\"This is the basics of teaching programming, basic logic, order, and problem solving,\" said Matt Stewart . \".
If you like the tech toys you teach, it\'s probably the ultimate.
It teaches not only robots, but also engineering, electronics, computer coding and even a little 3D printing.
Humanoid robots are often very expensive-over $10-12,000 a robot.
So we got it down to $500 and it\'s 3D printed so anyone can create their own design and create this robot together using our smart servo system, aaron Park of robotis said.
Don\'t worry if you can\'t easily access the 3D printer yet.
Developers say they are working on creating an online community so that others can help you create, design or even create your ideas.
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