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Daily Post reporter release: July 21, 2013 11:23 EDT | Update Time: July 21, 2013 14:07 EDT forget of black-and-
White ultrasonic picture-
A Japanese company provides baby facial models for their prospective parents while the baby is still in the womb.
FASOTEC, a medical engineering company, is using a 3D printer to convert a scan to cream
A colorful resin replica of the fetes dial for about $500.
But it\'s not staying in Tokyo-
In addition, other scanned body parts and organs have been recreated so that doctors can practice before surgery.
\"Because you only have the child in your life once, we have received requests from pregnant women for such models. . .
Tomohiro Kinoshita, spokesman for Fasotec, told AFP that I do not want to forget the feelings and experiences of that time.
The company uses layered technology to build 3D forms based on ultrasonic scanning.
It is usually scanned eight to nine months after pregnancy. The three-
Size printers that have been around for decades, like inkjet printers, deposit a layer of material on top of each other.
New mom Kyoko Aizaka purchased a facial model of her son Kyosuke when she was eight months pregnant.
She told WJBF that by the time we did that, I was eight months pregnant, so he already had the shape of the human being and the face of the baby. com.
\"I want to know how I would feel if I saw him early in my pregnancy.
FASOTEC for production 3. 6 inch (9 centimeter)
According to WJBF, the model of the whole fetus wrapped in a transparent block is the same shape as the mother\'s uterus, but since there may be a risk of MRI during pregnancy, it stops. com.
The \"angel shape\" model, which costs about $1164, also comes with a miniature version that can be attached to the phone belt.
Now, the company makes models for anything that has been scanned, including body parts and organs, so that doctors practice before surgery.
Kinoshita told AFP that the texture printed by the bones is the same as the real one.
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