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16 basic processes for ultra-detailed prototype model design

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-08- 30 10: 01

16 basic processes of ultra-detailed prototype model design

The quality of a set of prototypes, it can be said that half depends on the design. However, the quality of a prototype design is very far-fetched. In addition to requiring designers to have rich theoretical knowledge and experience in prototype, it is also important to review and think carefully before design.

1. Understand whether the product map has mold opening conditions: demoulding slope, shrinkage and deformation, and whether it can be topped out.

2. Confirm that there are many kinds of plastic materials made of product materials, determine the material to determine the shrinkage rate, understand the fluidity to determine the injection port and the gate design

3. The prototype material correctly selects the original steel according to different plastic and product requirements, so as to meet the quality and prototype life requirements, this requires the designer to know enough about plastic and steel

4. The molding machine specifications understand the clamping pressure, injection capacity, mold height, positioning ring size, nozzle radius and mold hole position.

5. The cavity and its arrangement are determined by the projection area, shape, accuracy, output and benefit of the product. The parties coordinate and restrict each other, consider the combination in many aspects, and determine the mold embryo and standard parts.

6. The way of pouring the hot way, the insulated way, the No way, directly into the glue (Two-board mold)Indirect glue (Mold)And other ways.

7. There are many kinds of gate gates, depending on the demand. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the gate has appearance requirements and flow, leveling, combining lines and exhaust, etc ,. Whether the gate model size is enough to fill the whole product

8. The parting surface is an important part of prototype design. It is flexibly used by designers. It must consider the appearance of the product, the top-out formula, the prototype processing, etc.

9. The mold kernel must consider the appearance, processing method, prototype strength, demoulding method, cooling method, fluidity, exhaust and other issues.

10. Slider with side concave, oil (Gas) Cylinder, motor, oblique tip, forced demoulding and other special methods.

11. There are many ways to top out the top, the top needle. Flat tip. Cylinder. Pallet. Slider. Two paragraphs top out. Oil (Gas)Pressure. Pay attention to demoulding balance, prototype strength, appearance, function, cooling effect. Exhaust is very important to ensure the quality of the product. Exhaust is carried out in various forms. Pay attention to preventing the product

12. The exhaust vacuum adsorption and prototype can not be pulled.

13. Cooling and cooling have a great impact on prototype production, and the design work is complicated. The cooling effect and cooling consistency should be considered, and the influence of cooling system on the overall structure of the prototype should be considered.

14. All prototype designs must consider the feasibility of prototype processing before they have practical value. Otherwise, it will become a failed design out of the experience of field prototype manufacturing.

15. The prototype map is drawn according to the above idea, including the group drawing, the part drawing and the related prototype map for processing. In the process of drawing, the coordination between the prototype systems is further improved to become perfect.

16. The prototype design of proofreading review and proofreading review is completed, and must be checked with customers and relevant personnel.

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