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17-year customization of large prototypes in Shenzhen

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-11- 24 01:25

Hello everyone, every time you see some large intelligent products during the exhibition, they are very precise. But when you see the actual product, there is no sample so glamorous. These are large prototypes that most customers are looking for us to make. So as to be used for the customer's product sample display.

many large prototypes have been served over the years, and customers believe that the prototype accuracy we have made is efficient and effective. Can attract the attention of potential customers. Therefore, we are often found to cooperate. This is why we have grown in 17 years. However, some small factories are profitable. Will come up with the use of low prices to connect with customers.

make huge profits from it, which is not uncommon in the prototype industry. Things can not do the effect of customer requirements, it is lied that the accuracy can be used. Or because of equipment scale problems, it is difficult to achieve repeated delays in delivery efficiency. For these large prototypes, the customer is a very painful thing. Please choose a reasonable supplier to make the prototype.

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