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17 years experience in Shenzhen 3d printing prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-11- At 19: 05

Shenzhen 3d printing prototype factory, there are many different sizes and sizes. But it is a technical job to choose a good supplier. The cooperation requirement for some purchasing customers lies in the fact that prices are different but cheap and not good goods should be understood by everyone. The second-hand equipment used in some small factories is cheap, the labor cost is low and naturally cheap, but the quality is not easy to say.

problems such as deformation and deterioration are easy to occur. This is an immature business technology, unlike the 3d printing prototype factory in Shenzhen, which has 17 years of processing experience. CTO in the United States guides the processing site, and the appearance effect has exceeded. There are many small factories and the equipment used is 3D printers imported from Israel.

This is also the cost that small factories do not want to pay. Compared with these, everyone should understand which one to choose. Low-cost prototype or reasonable prototype. I hope I can help you to better understand Shenzhen 3d printing prototype factory. If you have relevant service needs, please feel free to consult us online.

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