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17 years experience in Shenzhen professional prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-09- 19 23: 14

There are many customers who think of professional prototyping companies when working with our company. certain scale of equipment and technical experience is required. Our company is such a well-known prototype company in Shenzhen with 17 years of processing experience. Many times we have cooperated with the world's top five hundred. Services and industries such as robotics, auto parts, smart home, medical equipment, etc. During many times by the customer praise.

we have cooperated with the world top 500 many times with our professional prototype technology. We have 55 CNC machining equipments and an elite production team of more than a hundred people. There are also us cto on-site operation guidance. The quality effect is 38 per cent higher than the peers.

every link of prototype production should find the problem early through QC room detection. Provide to customers and resolve together. We provide excellent service to satisfy our customers every time. Can stand in the forefront of professional prototyping companies. Ask everyone if you like such a high-quality prototype company?

Shenzhen Tuowei Model Technologies Co., Ltd.'s has been able to achieve excellent performance in an extremely competitive industry.
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