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17 years experience in Shenzhen rapid prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-12- 06 19: 48

The prototype industry has been working hard to help customers improve their products better, but many small factories have seen it profitable. Also joined in, there are many rapid prototyping manufacturers in Shenzhen, but the strength and scale are very different. Such as equipment and scale.

recently, a customer complained to us about the rapid prototyping manufacturer found before, although the price is cheap, the quality is really not open to the company, which has brought a lot of losses. That's why we found the famous company that has been in business for 17 years. To help improve the current project.

The project manager is helping this customer right away, the 3D drawings have been viewed to provide quotation processing and related process reports. After the customer saw it, he was very satisfied with the regular rapid prototyping manufacturer, which was really different. Professional degree or delivery period, more than double the previous factory. He expressed his intention to cooperate with us for a long time. It is very pleasant for us to achieve mutually beneficial results.

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need fuel for energy,while abs rapid prototyping do not.
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