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17 years of experience in Gongming prototype factory to provide you with quality prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-10- 27 17: 53

Hello everyone, our company has been working in the prototype industry for 17 years. Many times in the process, customers who are looking for a Gongming prototype factory have communicated with us. Most of them are happy to work with the company. The two sides have also become friends, and they will have long-term cooperation and trust in our company in the future.

there is a saying that is good, cheap and not good. The same is true of prototypes, many small manufacturers know that the quality of the prototype can not be compared. Low prices will be used to attract new customers to cooperate. But after a time, I stopped contacting, which happened to a customer who had suffered a loss at a Gongming prototype factory.

found in the process of finding a new supplier, we started the negotiation. Though. It was the first time to cooperate but during the inspection of the factory, I saw the actual factory size and team members and put down my heart. The traffic with the salesman was very pleasant, and the processing and production began. Only by checking the accuracy of the three-dimensional inspection equipment before shipment can the salesman be allowed to pack and ship. Although the previous prototype factory in Gongming, not very pleasant. But fortunately, our company appeared in time to help customers solve the problem. He thanked us very much.

Professional tuowei also understand that when you're working with abs prototype product, it's important to understand that quality of plastic injection moulding service always matters.
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