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17 years of experience in prototype model processing in Shenzhen helps you solve product molding problems

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-10- Hello everyone, there are many prices in Shenzhen prototype model processing factory. Scale equipment is also different. The prototype of the product is of course not the same quality. Finding a high-quality supplier can make the product development of the customer company get twice the result with half the effort. Help customers solve their problems through professional technical team.

Today, a new customer found our company to cooperate. During the negotiation process, he learned that the customer had found a Shenzhen prototype model processing factory with a very low price. Cooperate with a prototype with high accuracy requirements. By the time of delivery, the delivery date is many days late. In the process of use, because the accuracy is not up to standard, the assembly process cannot be scrapped.

we feel it is a pity to know such a situation. The customer learned that we are a Shenzhen prototype model processing factory with 17 years of processing experience. We have reached a cooperation with us with great trust and hope to make up for the measures we have committed as soon as possible. I also did my best to complete the prototype.

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