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17 years of high-quality service from Hubei prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-09- 21 23: 48

I believe many customers are looking for a prototype manufacturer. There are often many different problems. Many small prototype manufacturers are difficult to solve. Professionals with a certain scale of technology are required. In order to deal with it, I want to have a customer with Hubei prototype model today. Want to find the prototype model of the robot.

but when working with other Hubei prototype manufacturers before, it was caused by the deviation of accuracy. The prototype could not be used and then caused a serious loss. Let the R & D plan stay for a long time. Leading the company to angry and severely criticized the punishment.

I would like to find an experienced prototype supplier with excellent service to help the company re-complete. The design of the product, we found the extension model with 17 years of experience. It has 55 CNC machining machines and multiple 5-axis machining machines. 3D printers are imported from Israel. High quality service has been going on for 17 years. Cooperate with many top 500 enterprises in the world. Both of us have reached a very happy consensus on cooperation. And successfully completed the production. Let the company leadership is very satisfied. It is much better than the previous Hubei prototype manufacturers. Hope to have the opportunity to cooperate for a long time.

The , essentially perfected by machining surface finish, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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