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17 years of processing experience in Changsha rapid prototyping manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-09- Hello everyone, we are a deep rapid prototyping service manufacturer. With 55 CNC machining equipment and most of them, and many new five-axis machining equipment, many new customers in Changsha have found us today. And most of them have worked with us to share this customer with everyone today.

This customer is looking for the fast-forming keywords from the Internet in September of this year. We found our company and launched it. Online consultation, confirmed with us. After processing, 3D drawings and pictures of process processing are sent. We are required to provide quotation processing.

after the negotiation with this customer by our project manager, we agree to our reasonable processing price. We will be processed and produced by our professional technical team. Soon we finished making 3D dimensional tests. The manual packaging was delivered to the customer. The customer also recognized the prototype we made, and said that your company was satisfied with the service in the previous rapid prototyping prototype manufacturer. Hope to cooperate more in the future.

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