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17 years of processing experience in Shunde prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-09- Hello everyone, there are many customers looking for a prototype manufacturer in Shunde district. After seeing the information of our company, after some negotiations, we all successfully reached a consensus on cooperation with us. And there are many customers who have cooperated many times in the month. Today, I would like to introduce the experience of a customer working with us.

This is the structural engineer of the robot, looking for the Shunde prototype factory on the network in September. I saw the information about our company. Online consultation was launched and 3D drawings and contact information were sent. Quotation processing by our professional project manager. It was sent to the customer's mailbox and provided a processing and production plan and detailed process items.

This is very satisfying to the customer and also knows that we are a prototype model company that has been working for 17 years. Technical team with a certain equipment scale and many years of experience. It also serves many powerful enterprises in the world's top five hundred. Immediately signed a cooperation agreement with me. After finishing the production, it was delivered to the customer. Praised: many of the Shunde prototype factories do not have services like our company and the size of the equipment. Hope to have the opportunity to cooperate for a long time.

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