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17 years of production experience in bumper prototype production in Changsha city

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-08- Hello everyone, our company is a professional prototype manufacturer. In the past 17 years, we have often served in the robot industry, medical equipment industry, smart home and so on. Just a few days ago, our company received an order for the prototype of the car bumper.

is Li Gong, an engineer from Changsha, looking for production information related to bumper prototypes on Baidu. We accidentally saw our website. I clicked in and opened a Product Picture of the prototype of the car bumper. Aroused his interest after reading the production process. Got in touch with us.

asked how many meters the processing stroke of our CNC equipment can reach, whether it can process the bumper prototype on the effect diagram. In response to our project manager, our company has 55 CNC machining equipment. The processing itinerary can reach 2 M, and the company has been established for 17 years. There are so many professional elites that you can definitely complete your production requirements. After the negotiation, the customer accepted our proposal with confidence. And we are a very professional prototype manufacturer that is very trustworthy.

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