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17 years of quality service in Qingdao prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-10- Hello everyone, Xiao Bian recently found that many customers looking for Qingdao prototype manufacturers have found us. The cooperation was very pleasant. So Xiaobian came to share with you what touched the customer to promote cooperation. robot designer in October.

want to find a Qingdao prototype factory on the network and feel free to enter other websites. Not very satisfied, when we see the official website page. Attracted by the robot prototype we made, click in to start negotiating with customer service. Consulted about the scale of our equipment. It is known that it has 55 CNC machining equipment, multiple five-axis machining machines, and 3D printers imported from Israel.

also know that we are a 17-year company based in Shenzhen and trust us very much. 3D drawings were then sent to us. Then, through our professional project manager to provide customer processing plan, the processing started after checking the drawings. The production was quickly completed and delivered to the customer. Through this cooperation experience, I tell you that although this customer is looking for a prototype factory in Qingdao, the quality of the prototype we provide is very satisfactory to him.

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