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17 years prototype experience in home appliance prototype in Changsha city

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2018-08- Hello everyone, our company is specialized in making home appliance prototypes for 17 years. Brand company, we have cooperated with the world's top 500 large enterprises many times. Received numerous praise from new and old customers. In the near future, there have been a large number of new customers who need to make home appliance prototypes.

just like there was a brand home appliance company from Changsha in July this year, and a buyer wanted us to help make a home appliance prototype. Used for appearance reference and sent 3D drawings to our project manager. It was sent by the processing production plan proposed by our team. Buyer's mailbox, negotiate online. Very satisfied with the conclusion of the cooperation

immediately confirm the signing of the confidential contract, from the receipt of the drawings in the hands of the customer, our company provides one-stop service in the factory building. No product information will be disclosed, and 55 CNC machining equipment will also be available. Able to quickly digest orders, in cooperation with dozens of our experienced post-processing personnel. The efficiency of prototyping is greatly improved. There is no quality problem in QC room inspection, and then the salesman manually packs it to the customer. The day after receiving this home appliance prototype, the buyer replied and thanked us that the prototype was very satisfied with the long-term cooperation in the future. Thank you.

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