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3-D Printing Is A Manufacturing Solution (And

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09


The famous printing has experienced a 'hype cycle' of about 2012'

2015, when the mass media noticed the technology and started with one.

Common title dubbing of time 3-

D. print a technology outside of Star Trek while many consumer publications and exhibitions (

Including the mainstay CES)

Ask for a 3-

D printers are available in every home. This straight-out-of-sci-

The Fi solution lets kids make Christmas presents themselves!

Rock stars become brand ambassadors. 3-

Printing is the next big thing. Until it's not.

The crash followed closely and was hit hard, resulting whip whi changed the headlines: Suddenly 3-

Printing is not the savior, it is 'dead '.

'Children don't know how to design their own toys to make, parents have problems with calibration of print beds and cleaning material clogging, and consumer fanatics are gone.

Many tokens Yoda head landing trash can, 3-

D. printing and laying (popular)rest.

But the industry has been developing.

Far away from the mainstream media, research and development work continues to develop rapidly. -

They focus on industrial applications, not consumer applications.

Research and development, however, have not remained in the laboratory;

Testing with partners brings new technology and new engineering portfolio

Plastic grade and previous hard-to-

Print the metal into the initial installation and slowly print to the customer's facilities and market. Industry 4.

The momentum of 0 is increasing, and the world has once again noticed 3-D printing.

Usage is increasing as capabilities are increasingly adapted to the challenges of demanding manufacturing environments and terminalsuse conditions.

The impact of the digital manufacturing process on the supply chain is obvious, which is attractive to enterprises, governments and users.

More agile, more on-Demand and Justicein-

Time production, lower cost, new geometry: a lot of benefits.

But 3D printing does not solve the problem in the world, nor is it a magic solution.

In the days of consumer hype, with the crazy swing of the pendulum, '3-

'Everyone can print' and '3-

D printing is dead, 'a more stable position is needed in the observation after several generations of technology.

Instead of 'a 3-

D printers are available in every home, now '3-

D print is saving the world 'and' your new [House/car/liver]will be 3-D printed.

Today's headlines are still 3-

D. The Progress in printing, especially in medical, aerospace and architectural applications, has attracted great attention.

Saved life by using 3-3

D. print implant and organ models (true);

The plane flew today-

D. printing parts (true);

The building was built in a shorter period of time with 3-

D. printed concrete (true).

However, there is a more solid reality behind these statements.

Because well-trained medical experts use a variety of tools to develop the right solution, saving lives

Print used with advanced imaging machinery and software and in the hands of the Cross

Disciplinary team.

Most of the parts installed on aerospace today are relatively small and have few tasks-critical;

All products have been verified for thousands of test cycles to meet or exceed the same standards as traditional parts.

The building could be 3-

D printed within 24 hours, but this is only for the labor required for concrete extrusion and discount installation of pipes, windows, doors, electricity, the roof and all other components that distinguish between a shed and a livable house or a functional building. Life-

Change and life

Save the app for 3-

D printing is one of the most common expansion printing.

Everyone likes a feeling.

The story is good and it's nice to see advanced technology helping a young amputee throw the ball again, or families in developing countries have their homes again after being replaced by disaster.

These solutions are real.

The way they are presented can cause problems in perception. 3-D printing --

Or additive manufacturing--

It entered manufacturing in 2018.

Manufacturing is relatively boring. Sorry.

But this should be the case.

It's the way things are made, and while it doesn't lack attraction and innovation, it's not as glamorous as it is.

Maybe your next car wouldn't be 3-

D print it out, but if it is possible to customize it, or change the knob from 3-D printer.

The initial use cases are still being disseminated to the public and there are already spare parts and personalized merchandise available.

Many people are also walking because footwear is another 3-

3d scan and 3-

Perfectly created printing technology

Suitable for insoles and shoes, as well as shoes for mass production already on the market

Non-custom D print midsole

But prepare to place a spring in thousands of steps.

There have been several applications that have adopted a large number of 3-

D. printing, dominated by hearing aids and orthodontic Correction instruments.

Many manufacturing applications of 3-

D printing is not very exciting though

The proportion of newly displaced persons is more noticeable, less obvious than running shoes and less obvious than hearing aids.

Production workshops are increasingly used in applications that consumers cannot see, such as tools, fixtures, and fixtures.

For a given production operation, you can-

Reduces the time required and eliminates the need for outsourcing tools to be created.

These unseen applications prove some of the most fertile soil used in today's manufacturing industry.

Usually, spectacular case 3-

D. the special use of printing that has a great impact on individuals is: individuals. functional 3-

D. printing bionic arms is an amazing achievement, but before it becomes a specification for the creation and supply of artificial limbs, it is a unique example, not a statement of full change.

Quieter applications running in the background on the production line indicate that the trend of things is changing dramatically.

Instead of focusing on the magic of 3-

D. printing and manufacturing are increasingly using ordinary as a way to verify and adopt it.

This is too unusual.

3-D Printing Is  Manufacturing Solution (And Still Not  Magical One)

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