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3-D Printing Poised To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

The rise of 3-

Many people praised D printing for changing the rules of the game.

Supporters think this is a fast, cheap way of printing, even the most complex things, they can nottoo-

Distant Future 3-

D. printing enhances the creativity of individuals, small businesses and companies and shortens the supply chain.

Despite this Gitzo vision, most industries adopt 3-in addition to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and some DIY crafts industries-D printing.

This is beginning to change, and fashion is one of the leading industries. 3-

D technology has allowed faster visualization and prototyping of new fashion designs and has the potential to completely replace physical samples.

For retail, 3-

D. technology can provide competitive advantage because customers can take advantage of 3-

Customers preview the renderings of their designs before buying them.

The continued decline in upfront costs, coupled with proven returns, means that we are at the forefront of possible changes.

Even five years ago, an emerging designer might not be able to afford the $50,000-$100,000 needed to invest in commercial advertising --grade, high-

High quality 3D printer for prototyping. Now, high-

The terminal SLA desktop 3D printer costs less than $5,000.

The democratizing of this technology will empower small designers and unleash a wave of creativity in design and business models.

This is because 3-

D technology directly saves time and money for designers.

The creation of product samples is one of the most time-consuming and cost-effective stages of the design process.

As the fashion industry moves into a faster and more seasonal sales cycle, 3-

D. modeling and printing can be shortened by a few months from a traditional development schedule.

These cost savings can be huge for large fashion brands, as they have a big company like Coach with hundreds of new SKUs delivered to the store each season. Lizz (Hill)

Wiker leads a small team responsible for making hardware and jewelry design prototypes for brands owned by Tapestry, Inc.

Umbrellas including coach Stuart Wiseman and Kate Spee.

She told me recently that 3-

D. before the big fashion design companies start to be interested, printing is first used in the jewelry industry and even in the sports shoes industry.

The coach first got into 3-

D. work printing for their own hardware design, but later it has been extended to the category of jewelry and other accessories when they realize the potential.

Although she said it would take some time for the workflow to be formally adopted by the company, 3-

Printing is now a core part of the design and development of products by Coach.

Ironically, Wiker did not pay attention to the technology industry when he was a child.

Growing up, she says she is curious about how things are made and likes to create with her hands.

She taught herself how to sew, learned photo development in darkroom, and even trained as a flower designer.

Wiker pursues these interests from the School of Fashion Technology (FITT)

She received two degrees there: textile development and marketing and accessories design.

After graduation, Wiker found a job as a product developer and then found a dream job as a hardware material developer at Coach.

After four years in this role, she learned Rhino 3D under the guidance of a colleague with 15 years of CAD experience, eventually transitioning to a complete

Time role as 3-

Modeler and technical designer.

In her current job, Wiker is in charge of a small team of 3 people.

Responsible for technical design and prototyping of hardware components and jewelry.

At the highest level, their job is to turn loose ideas into refined product designs.

In order to achieve this goal, they work closely with the design team of various brands, through 3D modeling, photo-

Realistic rendering and-

3D printing.

She likes to be a 2-detail job.

Working 3-D renderings

Eventually became a model D for people wearing clothes on the streets of her hometown of New York.

One of the biggest misconceptions about her job, Wiker says, is that it exists in a vacuum.

Becoming a really good 3D modeler needs to know something about manufacturing, manufacturing, and engineering so you can turn a hand drawn sketch or 2-

3-D illustrationD model.

In fact, one of her team's greatest contributions during this project is to find and resolve the conflict between the intended design aesthetics and the functional requirements of the final product.

They can even foresee the challenges the factory will face when sampling parts and can work closely with design partners to create final 3D models that can be manufactured and still reach the original design intent. Wiker sees 3-

Fashion technology is a natural choice for other women.

Women are already an important part of the fashion industry, she says, but what most people don't know is that the product development role is far more than the design role for new entrants. So 3-D technology -

Modeling or printing

Provides a good way for many women to enter the field, or for women who have already entered the field to expand their skills.

Overall, Wiker expects 3-

Technology to reshape the world beyond fashion.

The potential for reinvention and innovation is enormous and businesses will be motivated by cost and reputation advantages.

All of this will open more doors to creativity and technology. savvy women.

3-D Printing Poised To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

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