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3-D printing set to break out of niche

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09


Some of the weirdest items on display at the International CES gadget show this week are edible, origami --

Like sculptures made of sugar, their shapes are so complex that the eyes are invisible.

These foods are one of the many signs we will all taste 3-

D print quickly-

This phenomenon will not fall into the category of engineers and technology enthusiasts.

Sugar sculpture is the product of the first commercial kitchen ChefJet Pro

Food printer.

It looks like an oven that deposits sugar in a tray layer by layer, and then melts the part of the sculpture with water, so that they solidify like sugar in a bowl and Harden with moisture.

Ink can be selectively added to the water so that the sculpture will appear in full color --

This feature will definitely resonate with wedding and party planners.

Next to the geometric sculpture is a beautiful lattice-backed wedding cake

The working tower of sugar that is almost impossible to make with traditional methods.

Oh, the printer can also print with chocolate. 3D Systems Inc.

It's a mountain. C.

, The company, is expected to sell all-

In the second half of this year, the price of color printers was about $10,000, and the price of the black and white version was half.

Last year, there were only a few 3-

The printing company at the Gadget Show.

There are 30 people this year and the organizers have to reject others because they are not suitable for them. The 3-

The printing area of the exhibition hall attracts a dense crowd of people who stare at the printer and their work, from toys to teacup to the iPhone case.

Melissa Spencer, a jewelry designer from Los Angeles, looked for printers at the show. 3-

D printer used in jewelry

High prices and poor resolution limit their use.

With lower prices and higher output quality, independent designers now have the potential to buy their own printers, Spencer said.

The printer focuses bright UV rays into the liquid resin and sets them up.

It takes time.

printer manufacturer quoted a batch of five rings for seven hours.

The mold is then made with plastic pieces for melted silver, gold or platinum.

Spencer is now considering abandoning the reuse of the mold, but using 3-

D The printer makes each piece one

Unique design, customized for buyers.

She can show the plastic prototype to the customer before casting, which is very helpful. With 3-

D. printing, 'We are moving towards a world of mass customization,' said Sean dubrawac, an analyst at the Consumer Electronics Association, which made its debut on the show.

Start with customization-printed t-

Shirts can now appear in various industries, he added.

This is still a small area, though.

He is expected to be under 100,000-

D printers will be available for sale in 2014.

jewelry company showed at CES how it used 3-

Make them the core of the company's business.

American family of pearls-

The company was founded in 1950 and updated its website in November to allow shoppers to order custom jewelry.

From about 1,000 basic designs buyers can change the metal and stone, order the engraving and they can see 3-

On their computer screen.

The company prints orders in 3-

In the factory in New York.

Eddie Bach Kash, president of Pearl America, said this approach allows the company to maintain low prices while meeting customers' needs for unique products.

'If you see the back end of our system, you will find that every order that comes in is different.

'Mass customization capabilities are useful in unexpected areas.

Bre Pettis, CEO of New York

South Africa-based printer maker MakerBot is proud of a customer, a South African carpenter who lost four fingers in the accident, figuring out how to use the printer to make it for himself

He distributes the blueprint to other MakerBot users who can adjust the blueprint as needed.

'Normally, the prosthetic limbs need tens of thousands of dollars, but for MakerBot they need five dollars of material,' Pettis said . '.

MakerBot introduced a new model at the show, including the largest one so far, which is the size of the Mini.

The refrigerator costs $6,499 to print items the size of a human head.

It also comes with a smaller version, the Replicator Mini, which makes cupcakessized objects.

It will cost $1,375 when it goes public this spring.

However, XYZprinting Inc. will underestimate sales of MakerBot

Taiwan, which plans to start selling da Vinci printers from the United States. S. for $499.

This is a price that is bound to attract a lot of people who never imagined a year ago that they would have 3-

Printer at home.

MakerBot and Da Vinci printers are rolled up with plastic wires, melting together and depositing small dots to make objects.

The resulting parts can be light and strong, but their surfaces show a typical ribbon texture with limited resolution;

The overall impression is rough. The light-

The curing models used by jewellers and engineers produce fine-grained smooth objects, but so far neither the consumer nor the modifier has access to them.

However, the show offers hope in this regard: XFab, an Italian company, professionally produced 3-

For ten years, a laser printer worth $5,000

At the show, the company said it would launch a smaller, $2,500 model later this year.

This is about the price of the standard MakerBot, which has always been a pioneer for consumers

So far, the printing campaign.

In other parts of the exhibition, there is one to 3-D-

Printed shoes and a bag with something made on the consumerComputer level

There is a control cutter and the ScanNCut brother.

'In my opinion, the problem is not, 'We will have 3-

Every family has a D printer?

But which room will it be in?

Avi Reichental, CEO of 3D Systems, said.

'Will it be in your garage?

Is it in your child's room or in a human cave. . .

Or a wardrobe?

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3-D printing set to break out of niche

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