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3 days of rapid shipment of Wuhan prototype model processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 31 19: 06

In recent years, many new and old customers have found our company, mainly because we have professional prototype business technology. Excellent service attitude. It is a prototype model processing factory located in Shenzhen with 17 years of experience.

In August this year, Mr. Jiang, who was famous for purchasing from Wuhan city, was found through the network. Find the prototype model processing manufacturer, find our company and send 3D drawings to our company's mailbox. The quotation is provided to Mr. Jiang after checking the drawing structure by our professional project manager. After some online negotiations, we agreed to reach a cooperation with us. But we need to provide some protection in terms of the construction period. Because the time to participate in the exhibition is relatively tight.

then our project manager immediately said, please rest assured that our company has 55 CNC machining equipment. Able to quickly complete orders and post-processing masters with more than ten years of service. And be able to complete your prototype in 3 days. With the trust of Mr. Jiang, our company's team finally finished working overtime on the third day. To Mr. Jiang. We are praised as a prototype model processing manufacturer with high service attitude. Long-term cooperation is expected in the future.

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