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3 Tips for How to Shop for Custom Parts in Bulk

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Smart consumers know that buying a lot can save you a lot of money.

For example, a sample of the CBN News Channel found that shopping at Sam's Club can save you an average of 30%.

Family business owners can save a lot of money by adopting similar strategies.

For example, members of the Costco Auto program can save 15% on auto parts, while healthcare companies that use a batch discount strategy can reduce supply chain costs by up to 15%.

In some cases, you can schedule a bulk discount of up to 50%.

But to enjoy these types of savings, you have to take a smart shopping strategy.

Without due diligence, you may end up missing a bigger savings or you may even waste money on bulk orders that pay the wrong part.

Here are three tips to help you minimize costs and maximize satisfaction when purchasing custom parts in bulk.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the batch discount, it is prudent to compare the prices of multiple outlets before determining the supplier.

The easiest way to start comparing prices is to look online.

Websites with catalogues of wholesale suppliers such as US 4 wholesale, Baolin and TopTenWholesale can provide you with a large number of sources of discounts.

Amazon Business Network is another great place to compare prices.

Some retail chains like LowesforPros offer bulk discounts to businesses.

You should also check their prices with local suppliers.

If you know who the competitor's suppliers are, checking their prices can be another effective strategy.

Once you have identified some potential suppliers, contact them to request a quote.

When comparing prices, it is important to consider the quality of service and the price.

Once the supplier's quality of service leads are how quickly they react to your initial attempt to contact them for a quote.

Another item that needs to be evaluated is whether they provide a guarantee.

Reading reviews and interviewing customers can also help you measure whether a supplier provides a good service.

It is also wise to consider different material options when ordering custom parts.

Knowledgeable suppliers may know the latest innovations in your industry and be able to recommend materials that are more suitable for your application or cheaper.

For example, o-

Supplier Apple rubber sells thousands of different sizes of rubber

Rings made of professional materials such as Viton, Buna-

N and silicone with features that make it suitable for specific automotive and medical applications.

When reviewing material options, you can also consider whether a cheaper material can save production costs while providing the quality required for your application.

One mistake companies often make is to use the most expensive materials in custom parts, while less expensive parts can do the same without affecting the quality.

For example, if your expected application is only done at room temperature, you may not need to pay an extra fee for materials designed for extreme heat resistance.

When ordering in bulk, if you order the wrong part or the wrong size, you have the risk of wasting money.

The best way to prevent this is to accurately measure and double measure

Check your size before submitting a quote or placing an order.

In order to obtain additional accuracy, smaller units are used when measuring.

For example, using a size of 1/1/1000 is more accurate than the size of 1/1/100.

In addition to accurate measurements, it is also crucial to provide suppliers with accurate specifications.

Please double if you order from the catalog

Check if you are asking for the correct part number.

For custom parts, developing detailed drawings using quick prototyping services, CAD modeling services, or engineers helps ensure that you clearly communicate your needs to your suppliers.

Purchasing Suppliers, comparing materials and providing precise specifications are three key to the success of bulk procurement.

Following these tips will help make sure you find the right price for the right parts.

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3 Tips for How to Shop for Custom Parts in Bulk the Smart Way

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