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36 entrepreneurs start their own business with

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The gymnast created by adam Imtiaz of Waterloo allows you to purchase a pass to the gym while traveling to the websitegymnatik.

Senior costume dancer (horses)

Website for coaches and coaches: Alliance. comu200bAni Co.

Anemer Martinez ofKitchener online clothing retail company, customers can customize the clothing they buy.

Website: anicoolthing.

The coma of Ashley Giles.

Mary is a music teaching institution designed to provide quality courses for people of all ages and skills.

The instruments provided for the course include violin, viola, mandolin, piano, etc.

Website: Atomic Academy.

Ben klosskemedia ProductionsBen klofromayr is an event production company composed of portrait photographers, and Ben Kloske aims to provide the best content for the needs of customers.

Website: benkloske.

An app that connects people to activities in their area-archery tags, board game cafes, dojos-and helps them sign up for activities online.

Website: goactive.

Clark comTalentGuideChris ofWaterlooHelps plans to recruit students from behind

Middle School in kidina

But I don't know how to manipulate the school ecosystem.

They post job opportunities, keep in touch and build a list of students.

Website: talentguide.

Student labor organization of WaterlooWSL)

Clint Nelson at Waterlow

Provide cost and quality labor service for residents and enterprises.

Thule includes garden maintenance and design, deck and fence construction and repair, landscaping, subcontracting labor to contractors, paint and dyeing, yard works, garbage removal, sodding, moving and zero

Detailsphotojoconnor Runstedler St for the email.

Jacobs design shirts for sale online.

Com and complete graphic design work for customers.

Danielyu, a health personal training and consulting services firm at Waterloo, focuses on rehabilitation and development based on motor performance and emphasizes the evidence --

Low full use based on technology (lumbar)back.

Details email for s50 change

Shirts and clothes.

BabelotCommunications service edylanharness in Sarnia serves the real estate and property management business.

Email details fushimiprodutionsetai MizrahiofWaterloo is a wholly owned video production company designed to find affordable video solutions for customers, specializing in small businesses and start-ups

Ups makes effective and creative videos by creating flexible budgets.

Website: fushimiparts.

CaWisebathEvanPappas in Toronto is an online retailer that offers bathroom shelves, organization and storage through our website.

We plan to take a place in the competitive bathroom market through quality products, excellent sales and marketing, and a deep understanding of the target market.

Website: wisebath.

Motionmediabrahim Muni of Waterloo offers multimedia services including photography, camera, audio production and mobile game development.

Waterloo medical creates software solutions for medical imaging applications, including software to find and track arterial walls from ultrasound images and videos.

Website: Hedgehog Medical

The green and clean Katarina kuhnett project, which lives in Waterloo, provides young people with the opportunity to live sustainably in urban settings.

It is divided into three levels: monthly subscription, weekly personal challenges provided, and personal life tips attached;

Family Counseling for life responsible for the environment;

Community-focused activities.

Email skristina Kuhnert of water loo for creative production details to help customers plan, organize, produce, design and event needs.

Email for more information about horses in Waterloo area, Halton area and surrounding area.

Massage helps to improve blood circulation, muscle tension and relieve pain.

Facebook page main series thread slouaychaukio Waterloo provides professional services for detailsArkanaArtsMarcBouchardofOttawa, allowing independent artists and art enterprises to increase online

These services include building and managing custom e-commerce.

Business sites, online marketing and advertising, managing social media accounts, and product listings to optimize existing e-commerce

Business platforms such as Etsy, Amazon and Ebay use

Software algorithms.

Website: arkananzts.

Comcreateith MedeaMedeaRasheed WaterlooAn art businessshat sellsMedea unique acrylic painting from her online store.

Website: createwithmedea.

Melissa Gonzalez of video production service bBusiness (

Video and editing)

Dedicated to start-event and social media video contentup businesses.

Website: odiseaprosections.

Robinson rides the o'flynwood ponies, horse riding classes and horse/pony training to a wide range of customers who may have a slight interest in horses or a strong passion for animals and sports.

Website: michael543. wix.

While providing excellent flavor and nutrient density, only complete, unrefined ingredients are used.

Focus on gluten-free, cereal-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free old muffins.

Website: barenecessitiesbak. wix.

Com/balumbo BalanoSew-

Morgan dean of Cambridge produces custom-made pajamas with embroidery.

The email from moushandy 1 MouazHendi at Waterloo supports computers and telephones.

Property added nevanwhiteside of Waterloo manages the email of the rental unit for independent owners of small rental properties-find and screen tenants, coordinate maintenance, and handle other issues facing owners.

For details by email, chur 'snicoleballveofcambridge sells churros of different fillings and flavors at different events.

Email for details

TSAI ING-WEN at Waterloo is an online platform to connect people nearby and order from restaurants.

Using group orders, we can offer free shipping to all users.

Website: hungryboat.

Virtual reality headsetsEmail of Com SleeVR QasimAaron WaterlooInserts is detailsWolf EntertainmentSaif Al-

Din for Kitchener creates CGI images, sculpures and videos, and custom videos.

Email for details of SienciLabsSanghun (Andy)

Lee of Waterloo CNC (

Computer numerical control)

Milling is a subtraction manufacturing method that uses a rotating tool to accurately remove materials from the blank.

Our first product is Sienci 1, a high-performance 3-axis desktop milling machine that can turn your ideas into real objects.

By focusing on simple and effective design, we create a better user experience at a price that all of us can afford. Website:sienci.

Com rolling with the University of Cambridge RexScottBennett yo-glass ball: rollingwithrex.

Video documentation of the Kitchener life story.

Website: female documentary.

. Website: Tee TimeTonyShi, Waterloo, lifememoriesdocument. com, sale of T-shirts with custom graphics and pre-made graphic emails, details

36 entrepreneurs start their own business with Summer Company funds

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