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3D crime scene replica tool 'as significant as DNA

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

ground-breaking police force is scanning the crime scene with a laser to build a super

The reality of the virtual world is long after the real location is cleaned up and they can continue to investigate.

The cameras used by West Midlands Police can measure a room millions of times, accurate to less than 2mm.

The computer then builds 3D images based on readings and images taken from multiple locations.

Sky News has little chance of reaching out to the 'digital forensic' research team based in Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG.

Professor Mark Williams, who led the group, said he allowed the police to examine a scene in detail, while also checking the witness's statements against visual evidence.

'If a witness claims that they have seen a crime, we can prove that their views will be blocked by the car,' he explained . '.

'In a public place where cars can be parked, in a very dynamic environment, we can capture the scene on the same day and then go back and visit again, like on the day the crime happened.

WMG at Warwick University is also using high resolution CT scanners, similar to body scanners used in hospitals, but more powerful.

With a resolution of a few parts per million, the scan is able to match tissue damage to a single weapon.

The technology played a vital role in the process of Lorenzo Simon's conviction last year for the murder of his friend Michael Spalding.

Police found the body of spuddin in a suitcase thrown into the canal.

But they had doubts about the wreckage of the fire in Simon's back garden bucket.

CT scans show that what seems to be a charcoal block is actually part of the bone.

They used a 3D printer to create an exact replica of the bone from the scan, revealing in detail the fracture caused by fire heat.

It is clear that the detectives were able to accurately match a piece of bone in the suitcase with the bone they printed, linking the body to Simon's property.

Detective Warren hinis, who is in charge of the police homicide investigation team in West Midlands, said the technology was a major development.

'Investigating serious crimes like this, of course, is the last leap of murder is analyzing DNA,' he said . '.

'This is such an important step.

'If we can solve a crime, if we can stop someone who should not be accused, if we can return a body to a relative sooner, it's my job.

3D crime scene replica tool

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