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3D design, at the click of a button

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10


As 3D printing gradually enters more and more projects and makes product production easier to get, I have been wondering how we can make product design easier to get.

How ordinary people use the large amount of resources outside to create new objects when they open

SOURCE tools like Audacity and Open Office make music and word processing easier and more affordable, and resources around 3D printing and design are growing steadily.

EnterTinkercad, who claims to be the first browser in the world-based CAD.

(CAD represents a computer-

Auxiliary design is the abbreviation of software used by engineers to draw 3D models.

) What does that mean for users with low subscription rates, anyone with a web browser can embrace the world of 3D product design.

Tinkercad comes with many interactive shapes and modeling tools.

The design can be ported directly to Tinkercad's partner 3D printing services, which can print the work and then ship it to you.

The browser must be WebGL-

So this means that there is only Chrome or Firefox at this time.

This software is more intuitive and has a simple tutorial that can help you learn the tricks of CAD software.

It runs smoothly on my MacBook, although your mileage may vary depending on your RAM and processing power.

You can drag the ruler and shape, change the camera, and even import the shape from other programs.

It's not as powerful or detailed as Sketchup, Sketchup is a more sophisticated piece of software, but the advantage of Tinkercad is that it's easy to access and approach for junior modders.

Tinkercad is not free, but it only costs $19 a month to store 100 designed accounts.

The demo account is a free trial that allows you to play with the program to the fullest.

The age of 3D printing is coming and it's great to see new tools like this help anyone create and experiment.

What kind of experiments can you do with your newly discovered abilities, you can design a new custom piece of jewelry and deliver it in a few days, or make a sculpture of your dreams.

The world is your 3D world. printed oyster.

3D design, at the click of a button

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