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3D Fast Prototyping Service Applied in Jewelry

3D Fast Prototyping Service Applied in Jewelry


Can additive manufacturing be used in your jewelry production? Actually, 3D fast prototyping service is popularly required in the jewelry industry. The growth of 3D printing technologies has allowed jewelry companies of any scale to expand their production by making the jewelry manufacturing process faster and simpler.

How to Use 3D Printing in Jewelry

Jewelers typically will need to cast their pieces to make jewelry in gold, silver, brass, or other metal. In the conventional way of metal casting, a mold of the final piece would have to be made by hand prior to the casting process could start. Using 3D fast prototyping service, especially metal 3D printing service (>>>> Metal 3D printing is on its rapid rise), can reduce lots of time and labor and can print exceptionally precise prototypes, molds, and models to facilitate the casting process. 

This is how the process goes: A wax-like resin is used as the 3D printing materials. The printed item is then attached to a wax tree along with other models by sprues and coated in plaster to produce the mold. After the plaster mold is heated, the wax melts and evaporates which then a smooth and high-quality jewelry piece is created.

Having a 3D design of jewelry piece and then printing it means that there will be less room for error for final jewelry production and therefore time and costs can be reduced.

Besides metallic materials, there are many other materials that can be used to 3D print pieces of jewelry, such as versatile plastic, sandstone, and ceramics.

Why use 3D printing for your jewelry production?

Many advantages of 3D fast prototyping service make it a popular option for many jewelry manufacturers. Here are some listed:

1. Using 3D printing technique, pieces of jewelry with very complex design can be created. Traditionally, the casting patterns of jewelry are carved from wax by CNC machining which has many limitations. For example, you cannot produce complex geometries and great details on a small scale by CNC machining. With 3D fast prototyping service, jewelry designs can be customized easily. You are allowed to design abstract shapes and interlocking structures.

2. When compared to traditional pattern making techniques such as CNC machining and casting, using 3D fast prototyping service, significant savings in lead times and cost are made possible. Multiple patterns can be made more quickly and more exquisitely. 

3. 3D printing also allows several designs to be produced in a single print. It means that for those who need low production volumes, it is a really cost-effective solution.

4. With 3D printing, you can also get higher quality jewelry while keeping the cost rather competitive. If you still think that 3D printing as a technique for hobbyists to produce low-quality gadgets. Then you might need to update your news. (>>>> Six Misconceptions About 3D Printing) The professional 3D printer is bringing to the HD quality to your 3D printed jewelry. 3D printed jewelry will have a very smooth finish and not require further manual polishing. In most cases, it is the manual works that add to the overall cost of jewelry production.

5. The biggest advantage of 3D fast prototyping service for jewelry designers or producers is that there is no longer worry about the expensive costs of design iterations. A 3D model of jewelry design is easily edited and printed as a prototype to check whether the quality and design come as expected. If not, changes can be simply be made in the 3D modelling software and then printed by 3D printed to verify again. This process is quick and economical, allowing you to do many times of design iterations to get better design while maintaining affordable costs. It is, no doubt, of great benefits for jewelry designers.

What should be taken good care?

In the casting procedure of jewelry, the correct burnout is a critical step to ensure the goof quality of cast parts. If it is too quick, it can cause the resin to expand and combust, which then damage the surface and detail of the finished castings. In the other hand, if a burnout that fails to reach the proper temperatures, resin or ash will be left, affecting the metal flow and the smoothness of finished parts. Thus, when you choose your 3D printing partner, it is important to look into their experience and skill.

Is there a risk of losing handmade touch?

Many people think that jewelry production by 3D printers removes the “handcrafted” aspect of the profession, which is a little unacceptable for some jewelry designers, producers, and customers. Because they feel that jewelry often as intimate and personal product requires somewhat human touch. In fact, the human element still plays a very dominant part in the 3D printing of jewelry.

1. The 3D design of jewelry is created by designers - this ensures that the inspiration and style of jewelry are as personal as it can be.

2. During the 3D printing and post-processing of jewelry, skilled craftspeople will still involve and ensure the high quality and stunning result is produced.

3. 3D printing also allows for more people to start editing and creating their high-quality personalized jewelry without breaking the bank. To some extent, 3D printing is opening up the world of jewelry design to more people.

Are you are in the jewelry industry? Start getting 3D fast prototyping service for your jewelry pieces and discover incredible design freedom, level of details,speed and cost-effectiveness that are impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods.

Once you have your jewelry 3D design models, you do not have to invest in expensive professional 3D printers. You can look for an online 3D fast prototyping service supplier for production. (>>>>Considerations When Selecting Your Prototyping Partner) It is easy, quick, cost-effective, as well as reliable.

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