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3D guns and the truth -- Don't get bent out of

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Many Americans, including law enforcement officials, on Tuesday expressed concerns about 3D printers producing guns on demand.

This is understandable.

The idea that criminals, terrorists and mentally ill patients press the button and take out their rifles and pistols from the printer, like taking out candy from the vending machine, is frightening.

But the idea is fundamentally wrong.

According to a June settlement between the State Department and a company called Defense Distributed, the company should become a legitimate company on Wednesday for hard-

Plastic guns can be downloaded online.

But with only a few hours, a federal judge in Seattle issued an interim restraining order Tuesday to prevent the settlement from taking effect at least by August. 10 hearing.

The order was in response to a lawsuit filed by eight Democratic state attorneys general who argued that 3D-

Printing guns pose a threat to public safety.

There's a lot of error messages going around about what 3D printing of guns really is and isn't, so let's take a straight look at some of the facts about a fairly new technology.

First of all, it is important to understand that the Justice Department has resolved the proceedings by distributing the defense, because the government will certainly lose.

Prior to the settlement, the government's position was that the sharing of printed documents known as CADs violated international arms trafficking (ITAR)

The government could therefore review it.

But the first distributed defense system using 3D technology

Printing technology makes guns at home, eventually in stores like Kinko-advocating sharing information on how to make guns on the Internet is no different from sharing them in a book or instruction manual. Information-

The company argues that sharing amounts to speech and is therefore protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The First Amendment protects unpopular and popular remarks.

Therefore, the argument that the amendment protects information on how to make a firearm is valid.

Next, you need to know 3D-

Printing technology has been cheap, efficient and ubiquitous for several years-and perhaps decades, it will be a major source of firearms.

Currently, it takes a few days and a lot of money to print a 3D gun-that won't change for a long time.

More importantly, we know that even when calculating mass shootings, the legal right to have more guns in circulation and to carry them does not lead to an increase in gun crime and violence.

However, this is Paul Penzone, the sheriff of marikpa County, Arizona, who says this is the 'fourth --

The biggest and fastest

county in the United States.

Penzone fantasized that 'anyone with an Internet connection and a 3D printer-both in the store and online-will be able to make an untraceable pistol, get a rifle or attack weapon with just a few clicks.

Penzone further warned in The Washington Post, 'drug cartels, arms dealers and terrorists will be able to make and distribute guns through a method that cannot be traced and unlimited, increase their income and the number of weapons at the expense of our security.

'We also need to understand that criminals and terrorists are already easily able to get the almost endless supply of weapons they want.

In fact, it is completely legal to set up an off-site transaction. the-

Buy book guns at home and you can order parts online and assemble them in a few hours.

Given their illegal identity, drug dealers, terrorists and gangsters are not particularly concerned about whether the guns they use can be tracked.

As anyone at the airport wasting their time standing on the TSA line knows, terrorists will not be blocked for cleaning babies, grandmothers and others in pointless safety drills --

Theater-or secret, illegal, comprehensive surveillance program.

The terrorists are old-

Police work and push-

The man on the plane is back.

If we want to minimize the violence associated with drug trafficking, the most sensible action we can do is to legalize drugs-as both Canada and Mexico recognize.

Our neighbors in the north have legalized marijuana, the only illegal drug currently used by more than 1% of Americans a month.

According to the latest National Drug Use and Health Survey (table . 7B), 8.

In the last 30 days, 9% of us have smoked (

This number includes people from legal states).

The next closest illicit substance is cocaine, of which 0.

7% of us admit to using it frequently.

Abuse of legal prescription drugs started at 2.

4% in the past month.

Mexico's new president is pushing for the same reform as Canada's cannabis reform.

We know from our own false history of banning alcohol that banning substances that adults want to consume can create a black market, which is implemented through violence rather than contracts, courts and voluntary exchanges.

In recent years, Mexico's attempts to strengthen the drug war have only led to more rather than less violence. What's next?

The best move to reduce gun violence and gang-ism?

Let more guns circulate and let people carry guns in more cases.

This is what has happened in the United States in the past 20 years, and it has to do with the historic decline in violent crime and killings.

According to government data, the number of guns in the United States has almost doubled to 0. 393 billion since 1996.

It becomes easier to hide at the same time --

Walk around with a permit.

However, 'The violent crime rate fell from 79 between 1993 and 2015. 8 to 18.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 6 victims for every 1,000 people aged 12 or over. The bureau issued a comprehensive report on last October.

In the same period, the ratio of gun crimes was from 7.

3 to 1 person per 100,000 people.

1 person per 100,000 people.

Killing rate from 7. 4 to 4.

9 people per 100,000 people.

It's impossible to know if the increase in guns has led to a decrease in violence, but we do know that it won't trigger the 'crazy max '--style free-for-all either.

There is no reason to think that this will change when 3D-

Printing allows us to be our own gunners in our own home office.

3D guns and the truth -- Don

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