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3D makeup printer: 'Mink' creates custom cosmetics

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

If you have ever seen these products at the makeup counter, would like to know that a colored powder with 'eye shadow' written on a small plate may be worth 拢 20, an inventor proves your suspicions are correct by creating a printer that generates cosmetics in a fraction of the retail price.

Former Harvard Business School student Grace Choi launched her mink printer for the first time at the Disrupt NY tech conference in New York City on Tuesday.

This is part of a trend where designers use revolutionary 3D printing technology to help consumers reduce their reliance on factoriesmade products.

In order to make cosmetics, users first choose the color they like --

Maybe a photo of a friend wearing bold lipstick or a photo of a fashion show they found online. Basic colour-

Pickup software is used to convert colors to a computer-

readable hexadecimal code.

The user then converts the color to an image reading program, such as Photoshop, and clicks print '. The ink-jet-

Just like the printer mixes the chosen color with the base plate to produce any type of cosmetic from eye shadow to lip gloss.

Cui MS positioned the product as a tech-savvy person between the ages of 13 and 21 --year-

There are no loyal olds for specific cosmetic brands yet.

'Big cosmetics companies mix paint with base material and raise the price.

We do the same thing and let you make up in your own house.

'Inkjet treated pigments, the same base material can produce any type of cosmetic product, from powder to cream to lipstick.

It is not difficult to achieve this capability on mink. it is actually more of a business decision.

'Ms. Cui hopes to launch mink in the market later this year, retail less than $200 (拢120).

3D makeup printer:

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