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3D Print Of Hand Could Hold Key In Murder Case

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Police are trying to unlock the phone of a murder victim with a 3D replica of his fingertips.

Law enforcement officials in Michigan contacted Anil Jain, a professor of Computer Science last month, asking him to create a 3D-

printed copy of a dead man's finger

Police officers need this fake number to try to unlock the smartphone of the murder victim because it is protected by fingerprints rather than passwords.

Police believe that if they can open the phone, they can find out who committed the murder.

Professor Jain's lab has developed a technology that converts fingerprint scans into fake fingertips that can fool sensors on smartphones.

Professor Jayne said: 'The authorities think that turning on the phone will let them know the identity of the murderer.

We are doing our social duty to assist in criminal investigations.

'His team got a scan of the victim's fingerprints --

He was taken alive after his arrest.

Then try to reverse-engineer them.

'We are not attacking.

The 3D printing technology we have developed is designed to calibrate the fingerprint sensor instead of unlocking someone's phone without knowing it.

'With a high resolution 3D printer, fingerprint scanning becomes 3D printing.

3D printing is made of soft plastic and will twist like skin under pressure. tiny micron-

Then apply a thick coating on the surface, which reproduces the conductivity in the human skin.

The conductive power of the plastic finger itself is not enough, so it is this additional conductive power that makes the modern fingerprint reader work properly.

Not yet revealed which model of smartphone the team is trying to unlock

Apple, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft have all installed fingerprint readers on their phones.

He added: 'The ease of their penetration depends on the model and the manufacturer.

Some people have a stronger ability to detect spoofs.

3D Print Of Hand Could Hold Key In Murder Case

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