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3D-Printable Gun Part Fails on Sixth Shot

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

'Wiki Weapon' project took the first step by making a fully 3D printed gun through testing

Launching assault rifles made in only one 3D-printed part.

In the sixth shooting, the gun suffered a disaster. The AR-

According to a blog post found in the Danger Room of Wired, a wikiweapon project member tried to check it in the sixth shot when the assault rifle broke twice.

That failure in December

1 The Test reflects the challenge of manufacturing working gun parts from materials currently available for 3D printing --

technology that can turn computer design into real objects through layer-by-layer constructionby-

Layers are made using plastic, metal, or other materials.

In theory, 3D printing technology allows 3D printer owners to produce almost any gun parts on demand in their own homes.

The idea of a gun based on an easy-to-share digital design and a gun that can be printed almost anywhere excites gun enthusiasts, even if it can bring nightmares to officials trying to enforce gun regulations.

Some gun experts also question whether the 3D printer plastic can withstand the pressure of gun shooting, including the explosive force that pushes each bullet. [

Video: your own 3D printer: When do you have one at home? ]

The founders of Wiki Weapons, organized in the name of 'distributed Defense', want to create history by building a working gun made entirely of 3D printed parts.

They have to wait for approval from the US government. S.

Before starting to manufacture a fully 3D printable gun based on the work of an independent designer, the federal gun license.

But their latest AR test

The rifle has provided lessons for strengthening the design. The AR-

There was no problem with the rifle firing a shot.

After review, 10 Bullets were distributed to the guns by defense personnel. The 3D-

The print section broke in three places and eventually broke in the fifth round after reloading.

Parts distributed by the Department of Defense were posted online from last year's digital design, with Michael Guslick engineers in Wisconsin.

3D print gun receiver tested before Guslick

Key bolts, trigger and magazine parts for a gun --

Fired 200 bullets from.

22 pistol without any problem.

Guslick also suffered when he tried to test

Launch a fully assembled AR-

15 rifles, but for any reason not related to 3D-printed part.

The WikiWeapons Project has raised $20,000 online, even after the crowds have gathered

Indiegogo closed the first fundFinancing projects.

Wiki weapons have also caused enough controversy to deter 3D printing company Stratasys from revoking the use of its 3D printer equipment.

Still, after two Texas companies stepped up space for volunteer 3D printing equipment and testing guns, the project still has a large number of supporters.

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3D-Printable Gun Part Fails on Sixth Shot

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